Sam Rider’s Blog: What’s this all about?

Me - I don't know why I look so moody. I'm not normally.Hi, my name is Sam Rider. I work freelance in London for the burgeoning sports website, as of autumn 2010, where we propagate rumour and hyperbole but mostly hard facts on any sporting subject going. There you can read numerous features, interviews and blogs buried within that website from this very author.

Now enough about that. For those wondering why I have decided to assemble my thoughts here under the heading of reassessthepress, I will try to enlighten you.

I graduated from the University of Leeds in the Summer of 2008 coming away with a BA in History. Yet journalism and the press always cultivated an interest in me and I wrote for Leeds Student Newspaper whenever I could. I am fascinated by different interpretations of the day to day – from the observations of highly educated hacks to the punts made by extravagantly paid pundits. I love the diversity of the publications – such as the banter driven student paper to the exclusive crazed nationals.

At first I was intoxicated by print journalism, portrayed in the frenzied news rooms of TV and film, and experienced first hand on valuable placements. Lately an interest in the more romantic elements of magazine writing has stirred in me through the classic features of ‘new journalism’ published in Esquire and the exotic articles of the National Geographic.

My interest runs so deep that as from January to November ’09 I found myself on an accredited training course with News Associates in such a discipline that will hopefully allow me to establish myself as a fully fledged journalist. See my review/summary of my experiences with News Associates here.

Until I can influence peoples’ thoughts on the pages of our black and white institution, I hope to express my humble viewpoint and perceptions of our nation’s press on these very blog pages. As well as this, my blog will hopefully give an insight into the trials and tribulations one encounters on the journey to journalism.

One last thing. I am a sports fanatic, investing arguably too much time playing, or if not, watching the action, so expect this to hold quite an influence. You can also check out my contributions on the UK football finder blog on my blog roll. Hope you enjoy.


I have enjoyed work placements at:

The Huddersfield Daily Examiner

Wakefield Express

Yorkshire Post and Yorkshire Post Sport

FourFourTwo magazine and

The IRB’s Total Rugby TV and Radio show

I have also contributed for review and guide websites and

My Email:

My Twitter page: Sam_Rider

My LinkedIn profile: Sam Rider


Happy reading! Feel free to get in touch, especially regarding freelance opportunities, but don’t let your eyes go square.

Bye for now.


7 responses

3 12 2008
Sandra Rider

Interesting and informative, might tempt me to read the sports pages when you are writing them!

26 12 2008
jro uzi

good work strider,

Iets hope your support for the red devils doesn’t make your commentary biased in any way! Go Chelsea!

16 01 2009

Sam you should have listened to that wise man Jro. Good work anyway. Keep it up.

17 03 2009

some good reads on here, keep it up!

23 05 2009
Jack Williams

Fantastic, mate. Good to see that you’re well on your way.

PS. Where are all the articles on Notts Forest? Call yerself a football fan?!

16 01 2010
myles perrin

i am really truly annoyed that you are actually a really good writer. I always just thought you were an idiot….

12 02 2010

An enjoyable read. Keep up the posts 🙂

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