REVIEW: News Associates journalism training

15 09 2014

I look after the internship programme at Men’s Fitness magazine. Recently I’ve realised how several journalism students who signed up for the NCTJ course (which I did with News Associates in 2009) start to become disillusioned with it because they didn’t know all the facts about what they were signing up for. For example, if you want to be a court reporter for the Surrey Comet it’s golden, but if you want to be features writer for Esquire it might drain your creative juices. Anyway, I reviewed the course after I finished it back in 2010, and given it still appears to be relevant, here it is again. Hope it helps.

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Here I hope to offer up some of my personal experiences of journalism that could help those considering disembarking society and becoming a career hack. First I review my training with News Associates.

Enough is enough. I’ve been completely side tracked. I set this blog up in the first place with the interests of journalism at heart. Specifically to give a firsthand account of the travails experienced in pursuing a career as a trainee in the media. Upstart Liverpool and Man City supporters respectively and of late David Beckham’s Achilles have distracted my attention. So back to the subject at hand…

I tumbled out of university back in 2008, a history graduate, with the big, bad world sprawled out ahead of me. My dissertation studying the portrayal of the first black heavyweight boxing champion, Jack Johnson (please refrain from picturing the beach-bum surfing, acoustic guitar strumming Hawaiian) in the black…

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